ROCKLIN, CALIFORNIA – January 10, 2011 – Purple CommunicationsTM, Inc. (OTC: PRPL) (“Purple”), a leading provider of communications services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled, today announced the successful completion of a new debt financing, beta versions of new relay offerings, and a new strategic initiative that broadens Purple’s growth potential in the new year.

“We are starting 2011 from a place of strength,” said Dan Luis, CEO of Purple. “With improvements and expansions to our service offerings, Purple is well positioned for long- term communications services to people who are deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled.”

“We have successfully refinanced the company and that has put us on stronger financial footing, with a lower cost of capital,” said John Ferron, CFO and President of Purple. “It has allowed us to repay early all amounts owed to the FCC under the recent Consent Decree that we announced late last year.”

Purple operates its business along two primary relay business units: Video Relay — which includes VRS, on-site interpreting, and video remote interpreting – and Text Relay.

“Strategically, we are seeing our Video Relay business expand through increased use of mobile clients, and service adoption by corporate and educational users as well as major government agencies,” added Ferron. “We are excited with the results of our recent Purple VRS iPhone 4®, iPod touch®, and Mac application launches, and expect to build on these during the year.”

Purple’s Text Relay business, which includes both the IP-Relay and i711® service brands, also expanded its customer communication options with a new website for the IP-Relay brand, and a beta version of its new IP-Relay for Android application that has been getting positive feedback from customers.

This week, as part of an expansion of Purple’s Text Relay business, Purple introduced a beta version of ClearCaptionsTM, its online telephone captioning service. Purple also added a beta version of the ClearCaptions app to the Apple App Store for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® users.

“The opportunity for ClearCaptions is significant in terms of the number of people who can benefit from the service,” said Luis. “We are excited to introduce its unique online captioning service to customers who have experienced the difficulty of trying to hear on the phone, but have yet to try captions on their calls.”

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